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FAQ on Quick ITR

Q. What is Quick ITR?

A. It is a portal facilitating filing of Income Tax Return (ITR) in a quick & easy manner, wherein tax & software professionals have synchronized their efforts to make ITR filing a child's play.

Q. Why should I file my ITR through Quick ITR?

A. Quick ITR helps in filing ITR in a secure, timely and reliable manner, without exposing to complexities of taxation laws. By resorting to quick ITR anybody can benefit from the expertise of tax professionals at very nominal cost.

Q. Why should I file my ITR?

A. There could be no. of reasons for filing of ITR, a few are enumerated below:-
a). Statutory obligation under Indian Income Tax Act, 1961.
A person other than a Company or a firm is required to file its' ITR, if during a financial year its total income exceeds the maximum amount not chargeable to income-tax. In case of an individual following are the limits of exemption, above which he is under an obligation to file ITR.
Category of Assessee F.Y. 2011-12 (A.Y. 2012-13) F.Y. 2010-11 (A.Y. 2011-12)
Resident Woman(below 65 years) 190,000 190,000
Resident Senior Citizen
(below 80 years)
250,000 240,000
Resident Super Senior Citizen
(80 years or above)
500,000 240,000
Other than above 190,000 160,000

b). Recognised Income Proof.
ITR is considered as the most recognized proof of income of an assessee both in India and globally. It is required and relied upon by various authorities for their respective purposes viz. visa processing, loan processing including housing, personal, vehicle etc.,

c). Filing ITR is not always about paying tax. It can be used as a means to reduce income- tax liability. For instance an employee for whom TDS has been deducted than his legitimate dues (for say non-claim of investment or HRA deductions) can claim the same as refund by filing his ITR.,

Q. Who can file ITR with Quick ITR?

A. An individual who is having income from any source other than business and / or profession. Those having income from Business or Profession can contact for filing ITR at help@quickITR.com

Q. Information/ documents I need to provide to file my ITR?

A. Following information/documents are required to be provided for filing ITR through quick ITR:-
a). Personal Information viz. Name, address, PAN no. etc.
b). Form 16 (Mandatory), in case of employees
c). TDS Certificates, if any
d). Any other information / documents peculiar to the assessee, if found relevant.

Q. Is the process of filing ITR through Quick ITR is a tedious one?

A. Not at all, it is quite simple. The user can opt either of the following methods:
Method 1
Step 1: Create your user id & password by providing basic information
Step 2: Upload Form 16 & other relevant documents
Step 3: Pay fees by either of the mode convenient to the user.
Method 2
Step 1: Providing basic information in the specified form available in downloads.
Step 2: Send Form 16 & other relevant documents in physical form through post / courier.
Step 3: Pay fees by cheque / Demand Draft / Pay Order / Direct deposit in account either of the mode convenient to the user.

We will file your ITR and will send acknowledgement, computation and ITR form in soft copy through e-mail. Also you can download ITR acknowledgement from Quick ITR using your user name and password.

Q. What is the confidentiality of information/documents that I will provide to Quick ITR?

A. quick ITR is controlled and managed by a group of professionals who abide themselves with the principal of confidentiality of information and follow best practices in the industry.

Q. How much it costs to me for filing ITR with quick ITR?

A. The concept of quick ITR has been introduced to file quick and accurate ITR at the convenience of the user. For the affairs of a whole year It costs even less than a rupee per day.

Q. Does Quick ITR helps me in Tax planning?

A. Quick ITR also helps in Tax Planning and it depends upon under which scheme of service you are registered.
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